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Despite their size, ants are by no means insignificant in symbology. The early Christian text Physiologus quotes Solortion" Go to the ant, thou sluggard" (Proverbs 6:6J-and makes the ant, along with the BEE, the symbol of diligence. It also mentions that ants not carrying bits of food do not beg from their fellows who are, but rather go and get their own, which supposedly shows their wisdom, as does their biting seeds stored in the anthill to keep them from sprouting, and the fact that they store food just before winter storms (a symbol of foresight). Finally, it is said of the ant that it recognizes barley and rye by smell but collects only the true grain (wheat) and not the fodder. "So must you shun food for animals and take the grain that is set aside to be kept. For the barley is as heretical doctrine, the grain however as steadfast faith in Christ." In India, however, the ant, so esteemed in the West, is a symbol of the aimless terrestrial scurrying of unenlightened humanity. For a variety of other peoples, the diligent insect is a helper of the divinity who created the world. In ancient Greek myth the first inhabitants of Aegina are called "Myrmidons," ants, because they farmed the soil with antlike patience, endurance, and diligence. A Thessalian legend traces plow-farming back to the invention of the important farm implement by a nymph named Myrmex, ant; in this civilization ants were honored as holy creatures.