What are cliparts and what do they need for?

Clipart is a graphic image, of any direction, carrying any information, whether it is a background image, any object or element, a landscape or a family photograph. All graphic images in e-files may be related to the term clipart, they are divided into two main groups; these are: raster cliparts and vector cliparts.
Raster clipart refers to an image having a pixel base, consisting of small pixels, squares, each of them has got its own color and shade, together they form an image that we perceive as a picture.
Pixel images are obtained with the help of photography, scanning, raster computer graphics editors, that are widely used in all areas of graphic design.
Vector cliparts are originally developed (drawn) images in vector computer graphics editors, the most famous of them are CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator; take into account that it is impossible to obtain a vector image in another way.
Vector images comprise of vector (geometric) elements, both the simplest and complex curve lines, which are the contours of objects colored in a certain color or gradient in the center, generally creating certain ornaments, elements and drawings.
Both raster and vector cliparts are an integral part of the work of any designer, it is a kind of raw material that gives a start to a design project and makes ideas for layout development.
Some cliparts are used as a background for layouts, something that is scanned or photographed, thereby becoming a kind of clipart that you have to outline or draw from the very beginning; each designer has got his own cliparts base, both raster and vector, that are so important for any graphic designer.

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